Thursday, 31 March 2011

Success. The Compact Flash drive works. And I am copying files from the older SCSI drives using the external ACSI drive, that contains an ICD AdSCSI adaptor to the CF Card on the TT.

The TT is surprisingly fast at copying files, and well equipped with multiple I/O connections for various types of hard drive and add ons. The SCSI controller built in can run at 4MB per second, so that is a lot of data moving very quickly. Not bad for 1991, and good even now i think. I wish Windows was this quick, and at you can see the GEM 3.01 operating system, that is built into Rom on the screen. Start up to this screen from switched off is less than 3 seconds!! Very impressive. I now have 3 drive icons, and also two programmes installed on the desktop. I'll unhook the external drive when I am done, and put into storage or for use with the Mega ST. I may even retrofit the AsSCSI card in the drive into the Mega ST computer internally, so it has similar capabilities. 

Starting to get there though!

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