Monday, 21 March 2011

The gubbins bits

DSCN2485 by thebigconsultant
DSCN2485 a photo by thebigconsultant on Flickr.

One more geeky pic, and that's it for now...

This is the cleaned up motherboard. I have now replaced some, but not all, of the metal shielding. Certainly on the PSU for saftey, and also as the fan is required to cool the PSU on this model. I tried it without for a couple of mins and it gets HOT unlike the old STe, which is totally silent.

Its a bit annoying that the fans on this machine, are VERY loud. I decided that the hard drive fan (on the right) is not currently required, and I have ordered for about £2 some ultra quiet ones from our friends in China. 20 year old fans are not good! As a matter of fact, neither is a 20 year old hard drive. The Atari is fine, and boots from ROM into its 512k operating system, but I need to replace the drive with something that is perhaps less used mechanically for data safety, that plus it sounds like a jet engine. Options are CF Card, ZIP Drive or newer (less used) SCSI drive with a higher capacity. I have archived the old software from it and will post it up later. Ta for now

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