Thursday, 31 March 2011

Ok, so the fan is TOO noisy. So here is a smaller and quieter replacement. Normal ones are 40mm x 12v, so replacing with same, but thinner. Also with a speed controller to reduce noise further.

The noise is caused mainly by the proximity of the fan to the slats on the TT and Mega Ste. These ones will not be so close so will not cause the same rush of air, but should be plenty good enough to cool the CPU. Note the gap, which is going to help make the machine quiet again.

So now, I am going to add a fan speed controller for a PC's CPU. This will allow me to control and lower the fan noise to suit and make the machine really quiet. I am putting the fan controller under the hard drive caddy, so that I can access this, and the Compact Flash card when fitted. Also any other mods. Its quite a handy and cool machine, and easy to get to parts to modify. This is the fan controller module before fitting and testing speeds.

And this is the final placement. Now to re-assemble the machine!

There all done. The machine is much much quieter, just like the old Atari STe was and now ideal for a studio environment. Might have been quiet back in the day too, as this machine has had a hard life for 20 years or so in a factory. But now will be feeling better, and certainly it is quieter than a PC. Next a Compact Flash hard drive.

More soon. The item to the right of the TT is an old Ladbroke Computing 40MB External Hard Drive. I need to get this info, and from the internal one onto Compact Flash, and thus the machine will be even faster, higher capacity and quiet as a mouse. Solid state computing from Atari!! Nice

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