Monday, 21 March 2011

2GB Barracuda ST32550W SCSI hard disk

image by thebigconsultant
image a photo by thebigconsultant on Flickr.

This will replace the old 40MB hard disk (thats enough room for 40 floppy disks) with a whopping 2Gigabyte of storage!!

Funnily enough, the original drive from 1991 would have cost easily £1000 alone for a 40MB drive back in the day! (",)

The whopping 2GB unit is from a Sun SparcStation, and cost me around £10. This will provide ideal storage capacity and more than enough for a system where software is not "bloated" like modern windows software and programs are often written in assembly or pure C, i.e. An entire OS (Operating System) that can run a windowed filing system and SCSI hard disks, graphics and applications that is less than 256k in size!! (note that is one four thousanth of a Gigabyte. And windows typically takes up to 20 Gigabytes of space up on your hard disk!!)

This SCSI drive was good enough for Sun, so it should be good enough in a 1991 super computer made by Atari

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