Monday, 21 March 2011

Some industrial alcohol and many cotton buds later! (",)

DSCN2499 by thebigconsultant
DSCN2499 a photo by thebigconsultant on Flickr.

This is what cotton ear buds, and isopropyl alcohol can do for you. That is if you decide to try and restore a 20 year old plastic 32bit super computer made by a company made famous for games consoles. Unfortunately I did not find an Atari ATW Transputer workstation, but the next best thing... A stock Atari TT030 workstation, 32bit Motorolla 68030 CPU with MC68881 math co-processor and a Mega ST4 side by side. Also in the heap... An external whopping 40MB Ladbroke Computing hard drive (under metal shielding in centre) and a plotter (more on this later!!!). The MEGA ST has been used mainly for CAD (Computer Aided Design) with an Atari SM124 hi res monitor attached, and the external drive powering the plotter and as you can see, both have been subject to my screwdriver. The TT case should be light gray, but I will deal with this with some home made oxidising agent later on. First to get it running and see what this baby can do... Oh, i forgot to mention, under the TT, an Akai s2800 hardware sampler. Like the one used by The Prodigy!

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